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General fuel dispenser

General fuel dispenser



Saike dispensers have passed certifications:

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General series as standard model of SAIKE brand fuel dispensers, combined by durable 4 piston flow meter and durable vane type pumping unit with built-in air separator, by pass valve, filter, with the advantage of low noise, high flow rate,long life service. with all function to meet the routine operation in gas station, it has A and B type to meet different demand.

Model and configuration

Model Fuel nozzles Fuel pumps Fuel flow meters Type of Pump
SKAS1111 1 1 1 1
SKAS2121 2 1 2 1
SKAS2221 2 2 2 1
SKAS1112 1 1 1 2
SKAS2122 2 1 2 2
SKAS2222 2 2 2 2
Note: Type of Pump 1: Suction Pump; 2: Submersible pump;


Standard specification:
1. Flow rate: 5~50 L/M
2. Precision: The max. volume inaccuracy no more than 0.3%,error repeated no more than 0.15%.
                        The max. inaccuracy for min. measuring is 0.5%,error repeated no more than 0.25%.

3. Noise: less than 80dB
4. The digits number displayed on display screen:
    1) liter district: 6digits or 8 digits
    2) amount district: 6digits or 8 digits
    3) unit price district: 4digits or 6 digits

Counting range of shift totalize: Volume or amount: 8digits(including 2 decimal digits)
Counting range of liter general totalize: 9digits(including 2 decimal digits)
Counting range of amount general totalize: 11digits(including 2 decimal digits)
Unit price setting range: 099.99basic currency/liter

5. Solenoid valve turn off setting range: 00.99liter
6. Ambient condition: 
    1) Temperature -45℃ ~ +55℃
    2) Humidity 30%~ 90%

7. Suction type inlet pressure and outlet pressure:
    1) Inlet pressure no more than 54kpa
    2) Outlet pressure no more than 0.3Mpa

8. Ex-proof sign: Ex dib II AT3

9. Power:
   1)Voltage: AC220V±20%     AC380V±20%     AC110V±20%
   2)Frequency: (50±1)Hz (60±1)Hz

Optional configuration
1. Can move the digits from keyboard. With blue,yellow,orange,white and so on LCD backlight.
2. Can choose voice and printer
3. Can choose 7 digits for electromagnetic counter or 9 digits for Mechanical totalizer counter.
4. Leaves the communication ports ,so it can communicate with the gas station management system.

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