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Industrial Meter Pump

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We are a Industrial Meter Pump manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide many products of related Industrial Meter Pump. Our technology and quality leader in the peer comparison, we can provide you with good products and services. You have any questions about the Industrial Meter Pump, please contact us and we will reply to you a satisfactory answer as soon as.
Volumetric Flowmeter TCS40-80-150
Volumetric Flowmeter TCS40-80-150
Volumetric Flowmeter TCS4080150 Characteristic Excellent stepless fine-tuning device allows plus-minus calibration of flowmeter; High accuracy and repeatability within the large range of flow;superior accuracy of constant flow; Low maintenance, low wear, long working life; Low pressure loss, genuine gravity flowmeter; Accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuations,temperature variation, viscosity; Aluminum, cas , ...
Rotary Vane Pump YB50-65-80-100
Rotary Vane Pump YB50-65-80-100
YB Rotary Vane Pump 506580100 Main Features YB series self-priming rotary vane pump is with by-pass valve built-in. The pump uses a rotor with sliding vanes to drive the liquid transfer. The material of construction is nodular cast iron with self-lubricating vanes. Due to its superior performance, the pump can handle viscous and volatile liquid and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps. The pump has i , ...
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