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Fuel Dispenser System

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We are a Fuel Dispenser System manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide many products of related Fuel Dispenser System . Our technology and quality leader in the peer comparison, we can provide you with good products and services. You have any questions about the Fuel Dispenser System , please contact us and we will reply to you a satisfactory answer as soon as.
Fuel management system
Fuel management system
Fuel management system features: Fuel management system adopts advanced electronic and computer technology.It is the ideal equipment to manage service stations.The system allows for the connection of a total of 32 nozzles. Interface wiring:RS422 RS232 pulse output wiring (4 wires) Details for PC: • Window98 2000xp system • 128M memory • 32M memory of display • 200M space Backoffice , ...
Fuel dispenser controller
Fuel dispenser controller
Fuel dispenser controller: include mainboard, display board, keypad, printer, counter, sensors, tranformers, rectifiers, solenoid and so on.   , ...
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