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Electric Transfer Pump

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We are a Electric Transfer Pump manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide many products of related Electric Transfer Pump. Our technology and quality leader in the peer comparison, we can provide you with good products and services. You have any questions about the Electric Transfer Pump, please contact us and we will reply to you a satisfactory answer as soon as.
Electric Transfer Pump YTB40-60-80
Electric Transfer Pump YTB40-60-80
Electric Transfer Pump Assy YTB 406080 Main FeaturesIt is easy to connect to the 34" or 1" quick coupling of the drum or tank, with or without flowmeter. Standard equipment: self-priming pump, meter, 1" quick coupling, 4m delivery hose, manual nozzle, intake pipe. Automatic nozzle and other accessories are available on request. Flowmeter can be matched with gallon or liter according to customers req , ...
Electric Transfer Pump DYB40-60-80
Electric Transfer Pump DYB40-60-80
Electric Transfer Pump DYB 406080 Main FeaturesDYB series self-priming rotary vane pumps feature a mechanical seal that guarantees constant reliability, even in low temperature; Cast iron pump casing; Anti-corrosion paint coating; Vane pump with steel rotor; By-pass valve built into pump casing; In-built 100 micron filter, easily accessible for cleaning; Cast aluminum motor with protection grade: IP55; Cont , ...
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