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Fuel Dispenser Malfunction and Solution

1. Fuel Dispenser Malfunction and Solution
Before the maintenance, first we must fully understand the failure phenomena, and do the analysis and correctly judge the point of failure. To determine the point of failure to follow the general " Look after the split, the easier issues first " principle.

1.)No fueling or slow fueling
2.) Oil gas can't separator
3.) Oil leak from exhaust pipe
4.) Measurement error
5.) Do not start to work
6.) No stop

2. Fuel pump malfunction
Pump failures common phenomenon is:no oil supply, oil supply shortage, leakage, abnormal noise and vibration increase, oil and gas can not be separated from the exhaust pipe and so on.
Following is the analyzing and solution regarding above malfunction.

1.) No fueling or oil supply shortage.
2.) Leakage
3.) Abnormal increasing noise and vibration
4.) Oil and gas can not be separated
5.) leakage in exhaust pipe

3. Flow meter malfunction tanker metering Fault
Flow meter malfunction generally divided into two main categories: First, decreased accuracy the second is mechanical failure.
3.1. Common phenomenon of measurement error is not over fueling.

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