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Fuel pump list

China Henghe group as one of the biggest manufacturer of Fuel pump,Gear pump,Vane pump and Submersible pump is the only one that has full production line of sheet metal, CNC machining, electronic R&D, assembly and testing.
Gear pump HHCP90
Gear pump HHCP90

HHCP90 PUMP is gear pump with alloy aluminum body, is applicable to petroleum, kerosene, diesel and mixed oil, build with air separator, by pass valve, inlet and outlet filter, Low pressure with long life service.

Technical performance:
Packing size:                            350mmx320mmx290mm
Collocate motor:                      0.75Kw
Speed:                                       725rpm-980rpm
Flow rated:                                45L/min-80L/min
Dry degree of vacuum:            ≥0.054MPa
Noise level:                               ≤72dB
Output pressure:                     0.18MPa-0.35MPa

Gear pump HHTP50
Gear pump HHTP50

HHTP50 PUMP is gear type pump with cast iron body, Build with air separator and bypass valve,and inlet filter.
HHTP50 is applicable to petroleum,kerosene, diesel and mixed oil.

Technical performance:
Packing size:                            410mmx330mmx400mm
Collocate motor:                      0.75Kw
Speed:                                       830rpm
Flow rated:                                50L/min
Dry degree of vacuum:           ≥0.054MPa
Noise level:                              ≤70dB
Output pressure:                    0.18MPa-0.35MPa

Vane pump HHYP50
Vane pump HHYP50

HHYP50 is vane pump with six pieces of blades, with low noise,high flow rate, long life service.

Technical performance:
Packing size:                           385mmx300mmx400mm
Collocate motor:                     1.1Kw
Speed:                                      660rpm
Flow rated:                               140L/min
Dry degree of vacuum:           ≥0.054MPa
Noise level:                              ≤74dB
Output pressure:                     0.18MPa-0.35MPa

Fuel pump HHFP50
Fuel pump HHFP50

HHFP50 fuel pump and HHFF50 air separator, are applicable to petroleum, kerosene, diesel and mixed oil. With cast iron body, stable quality.





Surge-controlled pump

Surge-controlled pump is directly in the body of the dump valve configuration automatic doors, it will automatically adjust the pressure pump body. When the pump extracted pressure greater than 0.5MPa. regulating valves rely on the media pressure generated automatically force so that the valve is opened, so intimate pump pressure.

When the pump pressure less than 0.5MPa, pressure regulating valves door can be shut down automatically. in the process of running pump can always maintain pressure on the body in a safe, and ensure that the entire pipeline system more secure. is areliable, environmental, safety and efficiency of the latest pumps.

Body: Nodular cast iron
Gear: Nodular cast iron Aluminum
Seal: Skeleton Seal
Net Weight: 65Kg
Gross Weight: 60Kg
Dimendion: 53X32X43cm

Technical parameters
Size: 3
Flow rate: 1000L/min
Noise: <=90dB
Delivery head: 60m
Suction head: 7m
Speed: 700-1250r/min
Working pressre: 0-0.5MPa

1. Can increase oil tanker optimization of the piping system design, as this safetydevices in the pipeline there is no need to set up and install, so that the pipeline system simplistic, high efficiency savings.

2. Ensure that the pump and the other wearing safety equipment, improper operation,even in the absence of open export pipeline valves. As for the not-so oil pressure loss.

3. Safety devices using a large-caliber discharge to ensure the safety perfomance of the design as possible under the conditons, increses in the discharge space.Discharge pressure to ensure that the valves have not increased to the phenomenon.

4. When the pump working environment without the pressure to achieve 0.5Mpa, users can reduce the pressure safety device, so that the wearing of safety equipment operation. Pump the rotation direction of rotation direction of the left.


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