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Fuel management system

Fuel management system
Fuel management system features:
Fuel management system adopts advanced electronic and computer technology.It is the ideal equipment to manage service stations.The system allows for the connection of a total of 32 nozzles.
Interface wiring:RS422 /RS232 pulse output wiring (4 wires)

Details for PC:
• Window98 /2000/xp system
• 128M memory
• 32M memory of display
• 200M space

Backoffice management:
• System configuration :setting up managers and operations,tank setting and products setting.
• Tracking and reporting of sales and services.
• Printing shift reports, daily reports,monthly reports and waste books.

Real-time management:
• Real-time display of dispensed volume.
• Setting of parameters of fuel dispensers.
• Turn on,shut off and pre-setting.
• Receipt printing(optional)

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