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In zhongyuan oilfield comprehensive inspection measures to avoid

Dateļ¼š2015-4-18Print page

"In previous years, to a summer thunderstorms day, I willies, need not worry this year." A few days ago, zhongyuan oilfield production management, deputy director of the LiuJinLiang pointed to not long ago group company of the zhongyuan oilfield after down 2011 power system optimization and transformation project of text said, "this summer, zhongyuan oilfield will invest 5.9 million yuan to routes for the comprehensive reform to article 77 lightning protection, 35 kv transmission and distribution line the lightning arrester 375 group, improve the line of the distribution network overall safety level."

In recent years, due to the bad weather, the zhongyuan oilfield lightning accident is more and more frequent, caused power line trip, the safe operation of the affected the power grid and the normal production of oil and gas. At present, the oil field power system all substation are installed independent lightning rod, but 35 kv lines taking the traditional into line protection way, lightning damage ability is not defense. In zhongyuan oilfield invite related experts for field investigation. Expert proposal, oil field erection 35 kv to new line installation BiLeiXian, has been in operation for all of the type line line 35 kv lightning arrester, such already save investment, and can ensure the safety in production.

So, the oil field survey and design institute for combining the expert opinion, design plan. Earlier this year, the oilfields will line the whole power system reform as lightning protection optimization and transformation contents of the report group company for examination and approval. After the oil field, reply down on one hand actively organize researchers draw the construction drawings, on the other hand to purchase materials. "The quality of the goods must be excellent, request all use domestic well-known manufacturers." Production management office telecom coco JiLanTao long said.

It is reported, this oil field line 35 kv lightning protection modification work has already started, will last about a half month, in the summer period to finish before the lightning comes

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